Hi yall, Kevin here. I take 30 mgs. of paxil in the morning. I still tend to have a lot of anxiety. But increased energy, which is kind of good. But i read on this site to have a thyroid test. To see if the depression and anxiety,or some of it is from my thyroid.I also take klonipin 1mg. in the morning, and 1 mg. at bedtime.My body has got immune to it's effects.I take 200 mgs. of seroquel at bedtime. It helps to get me to sleep.So let me tell you this . I currently started taking kava kava root, for the anxiety, it has helped a little. I have been taking it for 3 days and see a slight difference. In my decreased anxiety. The main concern is on the bottle, and in research, done on the medication is, The FDA says that a poitiental risk of rare or severe liver injury may be associated with, kava-kava,containimg dietary supplements. Do not take if you have, or had liver problems. drink alcohol or take any medications. If you have a medical condition. I have hypertension.Which is high blood pressure.It says use under the care of a health practioner. I will tell my doctor about this supplement. Has anyone got anythimg else to tell me about this supplement. That they have taken this good or bad. I would like to hear.Also I tried i've tried ativan 2mgs. twice to three times a day, it doesn't calm me down. I've tried a couple of the ssri's like prozac, no relief from anxiety, and depression. Also i've tried zoloft, the same thing, no such luck , with the anxiety and depression. I also tried trazadone, 400mgs. at bedtime, same thing no relief. My diagnosis is schizo-affective. I tried geodon. Made me feel like a zombie. So i got of it. I tried abilify, Just made me restless. I tried prolixin, after awhile it stop working.I tried thorizine, made me gain 40 pds. very sleepy.To anyone listioning, do yourself a favor steer away from this old medication.I tried zyprexa, like a zombie. But long time ago i tried stelazine a long time ago just once, and had good expereience with it. so i might ask my doctor about this medication, My head was clear,I could think rationally, and my anxiety virtually disappeared.If anyone had this drug and took it, i would like to know your experience with it good or bad.I'm thinking to ask my doctor to put me on xanax, because i'm reaching my end with this klonipin, It just doesn't work, and i keep telling the doctor about this but he continues to keep me on this medicaation.By the way the doctor will be pitting me on 40 mgs of paxil this week hope this helps me. Does anyone out there taking paroxetine, have had any experiences on it good or bad.Maybe i need a much higher does, and have my thyroid checked.