On Saturday January 16 I went up from being on 20 mg Prozac for a month to 30 mg Prozac. That day that I upped my dosage was a NIGHTMARE. I've never felt more panicky and suicidal! I've come to realize that I was having OCD suicidal thoughts but they were so strong that I thought I was depressed and wanted to actually hang myself. I was delusional! In December when I went from 10 mg to 20 mg Prozac I had a similar experience. I was having something similar to what I had when I went up to 30 but not as bad and not as long. This panic attack was so bad and unbearable especially with intrusive thoughts of hanging myself. I see my doctor again in 2 weeks exactly. She says that what I had was a panic attack, I thought it was a very long and scary one. Now I'm having mild suicidal OCD thoughts. I want to know is 30 mg enough to see some benefits in a month when it should kick in. And should I continue on it. I personally feel that I did better on Celexa than on Prozac. I just fear my doctor telling me to go to 40 mg Prozac, because I don't think I can take that experience again. I'm upset with my psychiatrist because she hasn't let me go back to Celexa. Although if I continue in this direction I hope she does. I'm taking Xanax, Rispersal, and Saphris as well.