After 3 yr on Lex for depression and anxiety I had weaned down from 20 to 10 many times & when pressure would go up I would go back to the 20. My Doc didn't think that was a big deal & left it up to me.I just really wanted to get off it, couldn't enjoy sex on it & kept gaining wt. So I weaned down to 10 for a month, then 5 for a week or so then quit.I had about 2 weeks of brain jiggles slight dizziness & was getting my groove back. I thought I was free of the stuff. But I was laying here trying to go to sleep & started wondering why I've been suffering from a back ache,&legs throbbing cold sweats and stomach issues for past few hit me that they reminded me of milder episodes of what I'd observed my son withdrawing from narcotics in the past. I jumped up & started a searce on line.I'm probably feeling awful due to the lex withdrawal and not dying of some undiagnosed disease.Praise the Lord!I'm just hoping this won't last too much longer.