Since my Surgeries I have had to Purchase 5 Pairs of Glasses in 3 years.
I have been to 4 different Ophthalmic doctors. My prescription is constantly
being revised. All the doctors tell me I have Dry eyes. I have had Eye Plugs-
Laser treatment to relieve fluid build up behind the implanted Lens. I have
used Restasis and 4 or 5 OTC medications recommended by the Doctors.
I had Model:SN60WF Power 18.5 (Left Eye) and SN60WF Power 18.0
(Right Eye). My vision is constantly Blurred and I see Halos around Lights
at Night. I am 73 years old and have been told by all the Doctors that
there is nothing Medically wrong with my eyes, No Macular Degeneration,
No Gloucoma
I was able to see much better prior to both Surgeries