I am hoping I could get some reassurance that what I am going through is normal, even though I feel like I may be dying.

I have never had regular BMs. My normal was once maybe twice a week. It never caused me problems except the occasional (non-painful) gas bloat. This all changed about 2 weeks ago when I started having mild abdominal pain. I brushed this off as being PMS and dealt with the pain. Not only did the cramps continue to get worse, but I found out I was pregnant. Assuming what I was constipated I began treating it. Increased fiber, drank a ton of water, watched my diet, and started takin stool softners. Nothing helped. Next route was Miralax. Took that for two days with no relief. Finally I tried milk of magnesia. I was able to get relief, but that only lasted for a day. The next day my pains were back again. It was a crippling pain that brought me to tears. I didn't know what else to do! Finally I decided to try and enema. I did one in the morning and no relief by that evening and the cramps were now at it's worse. Given my pregnancy and my history of epilepsy I know things were getting worse so I went to the ER. They determined I was impacted and suggest I take Magnesium Citrate. I drank a bottle that night and nothing happened. The next day, still nothing. I haven't been able to eat anything solid in almost a week so I know there isn't much of anything left for me to pass, but the minute I try to eat anything it goes right through me causing horrible pain. I have been seen by the doctors and they said this is just a normal side effect of pregnancy, but can't explain the horrible pain. I guess what I am trying to ask is if anyone else had similar side effects following laxative use? Do I just need to give my system time to calm down from all of the medicine I put in it, or do I have a more serious problem on my hands? As long as I don't eat or drink anything my stomach is fine.