I have been put on bupropion 150mg tablets 1 a day first thing in the morning for 3 weeks now. First week i felt like a million bucks... after that it was like tuesday the following week i feel like i have been hit by a dump truck! I have been throwing up, dizzy, extreme headaches, extreme stomach aches, major weight loss (unhealthy weight loss), SHAKES... the shakes and anxiety has taken full control of my body. Ringing in my ears. My heart cranks.. i have been non stop sweating. Confused and i cant focus on anything.. ive been in bed since tuesday and its monday now on the third week. I havent been to school or work since... havent been able to leave my place... im 164lbs and not to tall so im wondering if this is a bad allergic reaction or maybe too strong of a dosage... im scared and dont know what to do.. i even had suicidal dreams..when i would black out on the couch.. also i havent slept at night for a couple days now and when i was asleep before that started happening i would wake up and be so tired.. like a zombie... i cant live like this!