Or should i go with the first 2 Zolpidem 5mg and 3 valerian root capsules and a stronger 50mg unisom or should i add 5mg extra strength melotonin to this combination??? Anyone tried this before??? I need a good night sleep the other night i took Zolpidem 5mg, 3 valerian root and the 25mg unisom i felt asleep but not for long i need a good night sleep been sleeping only an hr a night sometimes i dnt even sleep at all the doctors ran tests on me and said im fine liver, kidney blood even thyroid TSH evrything normal i was put on trazsodone 50mg and didnt like the side effects like weird dreams not sure could even be jus hallucinations im losing weight fast idk why im eating 3 meals a day sometimes even 4 meals a day what should i do? ??