... and suggested I lower it to 1.5 mg a day. I agreed. I went from 3 mg to 1.5 mg a day overnight. I experienced weird sensations in my head. Like my brain was floating, its hard to describe. It was pretty manageable tho. 2 weeks ago I decreased the dose to 1 mg a day and I reduced my Viibryd (antidepressent) in half to 20 mg a day. The last two weeks have been very unpleasant. I have the same weird head problems and a lot of dizziness and horrible nightmares several times a week. I am going to stay at the 20 mg of Viibryd until I am completely off the Klonopin. I want to reduce the Klonopin again this weekend but I am nervous because I still feel very weird from the reduction 2 weeks ago. Has anyone done a reduction similar to mine and do you think it is wise to reduce the dose of Klonopin again this weekend? I appreciate any advice. Thanks