I had my last, "normal" period on Feb. 20th-23rd, since then I have actually taken Plan B on 3 different occasions, out of paranoia.

I had sex with my partner on Feb. 24th and he only pulled out. To be on the safe side, I took Plan B on Sunday Feb. 26th. Five days later, I had some brown discharge, which turned into a normal period. This lasted from March 3rd-March 6th. I assumed this was my period, as the bleeding was rather heavy and I had all my normal period symptoms, even though it was extremely early.

On March 10th, stupidly, we had sex again and he pulled out. I took Plan B on March 11th, again, to be safe. I had no symptoms from that dose of Plan B (that I noticed).

Finally, on March 17th, we had sex and used a condom and he came inside. There were no holes or anything, but I'm extremely paranoid and took Plan B again. This time, I experienced the brown discharge again, about 3 days later, and this lasted for 2 days, then I had my normal period symptoms and had some very heavy bleeding, which lasted for 2 days and then stopped completely.

I am completely aware I should not have taken 3 doses and it will never happen again, but, like I said, I was extremely paranoid.
So, as unpredictable as I'm sure this is, I'm just wondering if that heavy 2 day bleeding qualifies as anything or when I can even hope to expect my next, "normal period" or when to worry if it doesn't come.

Thank you!