I started taking suboxone on Friday morning @ 8mg. Am now @ 6 mg in the am (dose 1), 6mg 6hours... later (dose 2) and 4mg 6 hours after that (dose 3 bedtime). I am doing this schedule, as my Dr. just pretty much turned me loose and told me to use my judgement. I noticed yesterday afternnon I took dose(2) I began getting light-headed and a bit 'woozy'. I took that 2 hours late, 4:00 instead of 2:00. Now each time I've taken it, I get that same feeling and it randomly comes and goes. I've been reading alot on this site, and would love some input! Does this dose schedule I have seem 'acceptable'? Any ideas on the dizzy feeling? Oh, and is it normal to have a bunch of orange medicine (in liquid form) sitting under your tongue after 10-15 min? Should I swallow that? (I have been). Thanks everyone.