narcotic that will help me sleep. its like my brain will not shut down no matter what i do. i watch my caffine intake and try to stay busy to help wear me out. i have a problem in my right hip and leg that is extremly painful and all the docs ive been to can't seem to figure it out. i do take norco 1/2 a tablet 3 times a day for the pain and im on prilosec for heartburn. also i am finally off the xanax my last doc tried to give me. i'm just tired of being tired. i see things that aren't there, hold conversations when no one has said anything. i had to ask my daughter in law if i had done a witch gathering in my living room or if it was a movie i had watched. i honestly could not remeber. i am always edgy frustrated easily pissed off and forget things if i don't write them down. this has been going on for years. please please someone show me the cool side of the pillow so i can sleep. ive done all the all natural remedies and the otc. any suggestions would be wonderful. thank you