Basically me and my girlfriend, had intercourse with a condom with no ejaculation inside last month(worried about precum) and she took norlevo(1.5mg Levonorgestrel) she had breakthrough/ withdrawal bleeding (whatever you want to call it) about 5 days after she took it then bled to what appeared to be her period a week after this bleeding which started on the 16th of november.
After this bleeding ended on the 22nd we went at it again and got norlevo on the 23rd about 24-48hrs after the incident and she started bleeding like before, about 5-6 days after taking it .. whenever we had intercourse i never ejaculated inside without making sure the condom was intact ,after her bleeding from the tablet ended this month we had intercourse and i put my penis in without realising it was unprotected 4-5 times(only a few minutes) but definitely no another week has passed since the end of this bleeding and still no period even though it seemed quite early for the period to come last time. Im just wondering could the 2 tablets have messed up her cycle and we were almost more than careful when it came to ejaculating inside it was never unprotected but unprotected sex did happen for a few minutes.. As much detail as possible is greatly appreciated!!! oh and also she has had breast tenderness also but could it be leading up to her period or as a result of hormonal inbalance from the tablets ? thank you