The first day I loved it. I felt sociable, confident and all my energy has came back to me. I was a little focused for working in a fast pace but not for reading. That night I slept on 2 hours and its now today and I have been up since. The second day I felt wide awake but the confidence and focus wasnt really there. Was this because I only slept 2 hours in a 24 period? I hope to get a good night rest tonight to see what happens but so fat I cant sleep. i just fele like doing somehting but not anyway I thank those who have responded to my other post the other day. i like to hea ryour experiences and now that I aint the only one.
My doctor is moving me up to 50 mg in 4 days. so 7 day son 30mg and soon I'll be in 50mg. I wonder what's going to happen. Will I get more energy or more focus? all i do know is the first day I felt brand new but 2nd day wasnt as well maybe from the lack of sleep.