Hi there today was my second day on 20 mg fluoxetine , I have never been on an anti depressant before and I've never had suicidal thoughts but today on the second day I was seriously anxious, chest tightness as well I needed to get my grandmother to stay with me because I was very afraid and didn't like the thoughts I was having I had hot and cold chills as well as sweating, I am a 20 year old woman and I have not been able to leave my apt unless it's to go to the hospital or doctors appointment and even then I don't feel comfortable going on my own. I used to cook for 3000+ people and used to be very independent, now for the last 3 months i cannot leave my apartment even throw the garbage out :( I thought starting the Prozac (fluoxetine) was supposed to help but within the last two days after taking it I feel very scared because of the reaction I'm having with the suicidal thoughts is this normal on the second day of Prozac or should I stop it and get in touch with my psychiatrist?