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I take 2mg hydromorphone for pain,can I take 50mg tramadol inbetween?

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kaismama 31 May 2015

Not unless your dr tells you you can.

tonyplake 31 May 2015

YES, you may. A close friend of mine had knee surgery and his doctor gave him Vicodin and Tramadol to take in place of his Vicodin. He has been able to substitute his Vicodin for a Tramadol once, twice a day. DO NOT take them together.

Delila 1 Jun 2015

Hi, it can be very dangerous if you take these medications together, please click on the link below to see the possible side effects... You really must consult your doctor as to whether you can combine these 2. The half life for Tramadol is 6.3 hours so even if you skip doses during the day in favour of Hydromorphone, the Tramadol will still be in your system.,2221-0

L4475 27 Jun 2015

I would not take both Tramadol and a narcotic. My doctor told me it was fine to add Tramadol to my list of medications and boom I had a seizure. Please be cautious!

Delila 27 Jun 2015

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