I have suffered from bouts of depression, and constant anxiety for most of my life! Some days are really bad and I can't handle anything or focus on anything! I'm especially bad around my "time of the month" too! I sometimes swear I'm bi-polar or going crazy! The doc has told me to try Effexor-XR, 37.5 mg to start to see if it helps, but I do not like the idea of taking pills to get better and have been trying to do it naturally, like eating better, vitamins, etc. But I find it is not helping as much as it once was, and I really just want to get to a better place so that I can focus on getting better, and then maybe eventually wean myself back off of them once I feel I'm ready. I am scared of the side effects, and interactions with the vitamins and whatnot I take. I know that anti-depressants are a "hit and miss" drug, and you may have to do a lot of trial and error and try different ones, which scares me too. Anyway... I'm sitting here staring at the package and wondering what to do! My question is, what are the experiences of other people around my age in taking Effexor-XR??? And what time of day works best for them? Thank you all in advance for any advice you give me! :-)