Ok, so I went to my doctor 6 years ago with no sex drive, and he put me on Testosterone Cyp. 200gm every two weeks. A year later he increased the dosing to weekly, and three years back raised the dose itself to 400mg each week. None of the increases in dose or frequency were at a mention of sexual dysfunction, the first was at a mention of depressed feelings, and the second when I asked to be taken off Tramadol for back pain. He stated about the latter that he would have started me at 400mg but wanted to avoid possible seizures resulting from a combo of tramadol (Ultram) and Testosterone.
Over the 6 years he has only tested my levels 5 times, and only done other full spectrum blood work twice.
Well, about a year ago I noticed that my testicles appeared to be getting smaller, and I started having shooting pains in my genital and prostate areas. I reported on this to the doctor, and he check out my testicles, told me they were of adequate size (he had not gotten around to a pelvic exam before that date, so he had no comparison) and that I was over concerned about nothing. The shooting pains he attributed to incidental pain and nothing else.
I am now sure of the shrinkage of my testicles as it has continued, and my ejaculate is of small quantity and appears to be entirely semen with little sign of sperm. The pains continue. I am going to see my doctor again for a yearly checkup soon, and need help as to how to A.) Approach him about getting off the testosterone. B.) Ask him the right questions about any possible damage the long term injections have caused, and C.) Get him to help me out regarding the stabbing pains in my prostate, as they are most unpleasant and regular in frequency.

Many thanks.