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My 29 year old daughter has been taking xanax for 10 yrs and is having seizures. what should I do?

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kaismama 3 Jan 2013

Be sure she is somewhere where she won't bang herself on anything, put something under her head to protect it, and call an ambulance.

kaismama 3 Jan 2013

Now that I got my emergency response out, I do have more to say. You weren't clear if she's taking xanax for seizures or she's addicted to xanax and suddenly stopped it. If the second is the case, she is going to seizure without assistance to get off the xanax. It is necessary to taper off of xanax slowly.

stacey0786 3 Jan 2013

she has an addiction in my opinion. 2-3 bars a day for a long time. Last year she didn't take any for a couple of days and had a seizure at a stop light. Yesterday she was at her bank, in her car, and had strangers telling her she'd had a seizure, but when the EMS got there she refused to go to the hospital, cuz it costs so much. She hasn't taken any since 12/30/12, and thinks she is past the worst of it. Has made a doctor apt. for next tuesday, but it worries me

ygivens25 10 Jan 2013

You shldnt abruptly stop taking xanax,especially she's been tking it for a long peroid. She shld be under a doctor's care while tking xanax. The doctor will slowly wean her off of it. You need to let the doctor know abt the seizures. Mke sure her surroundings is cleared from any objects tht can cause any bodily harm nd keep a tongue blade close by to prevent any airway obstructions and any type damages to her tongue.

jet3 20 Jun 2013

i am also 29 and have been on xanax for 13 years. i started out taking them recreationally every once in a while when i was young then got prescribed to 1mg football a day. my dr has had me on that same dose for 5 years. and 1 just doesnt work for me anymore so within 2 weeks i am out! i started having seizures 5 years ago. and it had been a year and ahalf since my last seizure til last night. i had another grand mal last night. it sucks! both sides of my tongue are bit and my whole body hurts sooo bad afterwards! i have auras usually before my seizures so i know theyre coming but theres nothing i can do to prevent it when i have no meds! my ct and eeg came back fine when i 1st started having seizures 5 yrs ago and 1st went to Er so my dr just seems to ignore me when i tell him i had another 1 or he ups my antidepressants (gee! thanks!) i am so tired of worrying about seizures! but i know i still cant get by without any xanax! my social anxiety is so bad i will sit and cry when i have to leave house or call electric comp or something without any xanties! so... what now?! :( free discount card

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