I am 28 years old, as a child I was given a whole range of medications by my adoptive parents to help me cope with their ineffective parenting. It's not that they were bad parents is suppose, but it's just that they adopted 5-kids and each of us required emotional resources from the parents. Resources which a child growing up in an ideal home with biological parents would require. Due to the unfortunate events leading up to my adoption I was neglected of mother-son nurturing, and further neglected of it going into adulthood. After 22 years since my inception into the adoptive family, I am now 28 years old. When I was 17 I completely ditched all of the psychotropic drugs, and went through some extremely ridiculous screaming and temper tantrums, until suddenly, I was back to what I believe is normal: I can recall back to when I returned to normal. I was about 21 years old. 7 years have passed, and I am back in college, and I have a GPA that stay within the 3.0 ballpark. I define this as good success, however, since my parents had me on so many drugs and resources, access to said resources are still made available to me via government programs. One such program has recently pressured me into continuing the medication otherwise I could risk losing my academic sponsorship's. Now, I don't want to say i've returned to perfect, I would however say that I have extreme ADHD, it is very hard for me to continually put a higher priority on my academics the more and more I do them. I often find myself wondering off into video games, or other sources of alternate amusement. And for this I take Adderall, a flexible little pill that doesn't require a commitment) However, I truly believe that I am not bipolar: I am a sexually active 28 year old, and like to jack around from time to time, and from time to time I can be a nuisance to others but not to the extreme that I believe justifies mental illness. I would say just to the extreme that justifies a normal occasionally awkward person. So now that I have made my point, the point being that I am not mentally ill ( I think ): I want to ask a question about these pills I am soon to pop for the sake of free academic support. Let's consider the use of Lamictal, If I begin to take this medication every day at least until I have graduated from college, will I be able to gain an academic advantage? as I know from adderall, it can help me focus, but it doesn't help me stay motivated. For example, I can take an adderall, and If I begin to drift off into video games, well then that's what I'll be using the meds for. So could this lamictal be used to keep me "stable" such that I will better prioritize my academics? if that's not clear, allow me to rephrase it: if I truly love my academics, and that is what I value most in life, but I still seem to revert to video games because in that moment they are what's most precious to me, could the lamictal help me keep my mind right with regards to staying focused academically?

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