I am a 27 yr. old female that has Chronic Pancreatitis and IBS. I have never had a drink in my life. I know that having this disease makes you lose weight but I have gained around 30 lbs but it looks like swelling, suring a flare up I could really make people believe that I am pregnant..I dont know if that is from my ibs or what??I stay in severe pain I am perscribed opana 30 2xs and endocet 10 mg 5xs while waittong on a pain pump. The opana was doing great for me until they changed the format and now my body cannot break down the pills I just end up throwing them up..I am getting ready to go in for a test to check my gallblader, liver, and small intestons for cancer and just to see how they all are working. I have lost my menstral cycle and right now just need someone to read my story and maybe tell me a different type of pain medication, why I am gaining weight, and just anything that could be helpful..My creon works when it wants even though I have to take 5 before every meal, I am on a very strict diet, nothing that I shouldnt eat. I feel like a complete burden to my mother and son they take such good care of me but they shouldnt have too and on days my depression is to the extreme to where I dont want to be here anymore…. Can u please help, I dont know how much more I can handle!!!