... spent a week in a psych ward receiving 100 once daily prescribed by the hospital psych. Now that I am seeing a new psych in a huge mental health group, after reviewing my history of depression he gladly continued that dosage (as a generic for cost purposes) for me until about 4 weeks later I felt as though I did not feel the same patient who did a 180 and longed to be that totally functional and energetic employee and wife again, so he switched to twice daily. I haven't noticed much of a difference in the increase...
So it just occured to me, Was I receiving the generic or Wellbutrin while in the hospital? Or does it really not make a difference?

Also, I've been warned numerous times of the threshold of seizure activity associated with wellbutrin. Could those seizures be only grand mal or could they potentially be any type of seizure? I'm not extremely worried because it is rare. however i want to be more cautious if wellbutrin was causing absent or petit mal so I can identify and receive medical attention as early as possible should that event occur.

Thank you! I am not even in my 3rd month of taking these so I still have tons of questions!