Well here it goes... sorry if this becomes quite long. I am a 27 year old female. I weigh about 100 lbs and am 5'1" tall and am on a 20 vicodin/norco pill a day habit and I have to quit. I know the damage it is doing to my body and my depression... which is why I began taking the hydrocodone in the first place... has gotten 100x worse. During the times I am not on the drug I am a suicidal, crying, helpless mess who cannot do anything but writhe in self-pity and cry for God to strike me dead. I have tried over 30 different medications for depression/bipolar and anxiety, many having life threatening results, none working and the first time I took a vicodin I thought it was a miracle drug. It was for 2 years when I was successfully using it only during moments of severe depression or when I was having thoughts of suicide or self-harming. I was taking no more than about 6 a week for two years. I was finally able to hold down a job, go out in public, make friends, clean my house, go to school, get a degree, I was on top of the world. I could not do ANY of this before the hydrocodone. Well then my job became more than stressfull and a few of my girlfriends were taking the pills recreationally and so I began taking them just to "feel good" rather than when I really needed them. As a result I am now addicted. I have no health insurance and the cheapest rehab center here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is $7500 cash up front which I don't have. I support my habit though friends giving me pills, doctors scripts and sometimes paying $5 a pill which is paid for with my weekly income. I do not have large amounts of cash sitting in the bank to pay for rehab or I would be there already. I am considering talking to a doctor about suboxone. When I mention this I get people from both ends giving me all sorts of reasons why I should or shouldn't take it. I do not drink nor have I ever been addicted to anything else in my life. I am at a point that if I don't stop now I will be dead before I'm 30. I can no longer work and cannot get out of bed in the mornings without taking 3 pills... then 3 more at 10am then 3 more at noon... etc. The risk of becoming addicted to the sub seems worth the risk to save my liver and my life. Is there anyone out there who has successfully overcome this addiction using suboxone? Since it is only administered in a doctors office what are the chances of me becoming addicted to it too? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am new here and open to anything right now. Thanks :)