So to start, Im an otherwise completely healthy adult male who’s never had any problems with anxiety or had to be on any type of medication. About two weeks ago, my doctor started me on what he called a mild antidepressant , Celexa 20mg. I told him the night shift kinda sucked some of my motivation on my off nights but nothing too dramatic. I’m naturally kind of a worrisome person but didn’t worry a whole lot. I read all the possible side effects and it put me on edge a bit. I took the first dose that morning. That evening at work, about 12 hours after the first dose, right in the middle of working, all in about 5 seconds my hands and feet went cold, my heart rate skyrocketed and I had this unexplainable feeling of sheer terror wash over me. I almost passed out trying to get to the bosses office. My wife came and picked me up and on the way home it happened again but even worse. We got to the hospital where they said it was a panic attack. They gave me a pill of .5mg Ativan and sent me home. I took half that pill at 9pm and the other half the next morning before bed and thought that was the end of it. The next day, Friday and through that night went pretty okay until 5 the next morning when I had another panic attack. I was in such a worried state I contacted a good friend of the family who is a leading doctor in the county. Since it was Saturday morning I couldn’t see my primary doctor so my friend prescribed me a very small emergency prescription of generic Xanax. These were 1mg pills and he only gave me 6 of them. He was very cautious to advise me of the dangerous nature of these pills. I think this is where i might’ve made a mistake. Instead of taking whole pills, I simply divided them and never took more than one dose in a 24 hour period. I’m going to post exactly how much of this I took over the next week or so.

Thursday Ativan 2 doses .25mg
Friday nothing
Saturday .5 alprazolam
Sunday .5 alpraz
Monday .5 alpraz
Tuesday .5 alpraz
Wednesday .25 alpraz
Thursday nothing
Friday .25 alpraz
Saturday .10 alpraz
Sunday nothing
Monday nothing and nothing from there on out.
I realize these were small doses only over the course of a week or so but is it possible to deal with withdrawal symptoms at that level of dose for that short amount of time? Would the Celexa have caused any of this? I’ve never had a history of ANYTHING like this but ever since then I’ve had this unshakeable feeling of anxiety and it’s really taking a toll on my life. Any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.