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I take 250mg. of antabuse daily, can I safely start drinking after 72hrs. of taking my last dose?

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Ontheborderline 23 Aug 2014

I have not taken my Antabuse for 72 hours and I took it upon myself just to have a couple of shots of vodka..

And I have chest pain. I'm hot... Dizzy. I don't feel terrible but I would not advise that you drink until at least 7 days after stopping Antabuse.

If you need a friend please message back. I am an alcoholic and I know the ropes. I will be as much as a support as I can to you.

Love xxx

Cheech97 27 Aug 2014


Thanks for posting. Most of the other posts are out of date and I probably wouldn't get a response.

I've been taking Antabuse for 6 months. I stopped taking it last Saturday and dangerously close to having a drink. I've been thinking about coming off it for well over a month. Initially, it wasn't because I wanted a drink but because I wanted to be able to say I wasn't taking the tablets anymore.

I keep having this idea that my family are thinking 'yes she's not drinking but it's because she is taking the tablets.' This is bonkers and I have no evidence to prove that they think this. I've already got my answer lined up. 'But nobody is forcing me to take the tablets". I love on my own and nobody to witness me taking them.

I can't seem to think about anything else and avoiding going out as I don't trust myself.

Flowerpetal 19 Aug 2016

Im in the same boat as Cheech. To be honest I think if it wasnt for the fact I take antiabuse I would have probably already picked up a drink. Im also on naltrexone. Not sure if its helping or not?

Bethk1211 7 Apr 2018

Hi don't know if anyone's out there on this site but I just started Antabuse today n I'm not happy about it at all!!! I like to drink n it's my only reprieve when I have a bad day!!! Now what the hell do I do?? I mean is this stuff supposed to block cravings?? free discount card

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