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Im on 250mg 2xa day keppra,i feel Im gaining weight,is it possible?

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Inactive 5 Dec 2012

Hello tnl3,

You feel you are gainning weight, or have you weighed yourself, and now you weigh more?

I guess everything is possible as I am sure you are aware we are all unique and react to meds, side effects, inrteractions, etc., in different ways.
Having said that a less seious side effect is loss of appetite, which to me would translate into weight loss.

I suggest that if you are certain on the weight gain, contact your Dr. and report this side effect.

All the best,

tnl3 5 Dec 2012

im gaining weight!! 4pounds more as of now,but before, i was on topamax,and i lost weight no matter what i ate,but now its not like that

Inactive 5 Dec 2012

I know about topamax, you just can´t put weight on. Anyway I suggest you contact your Dr. and let him / her know, what you are undergoing.

tnl3 6 Dec 2012


Inactive 6 Dec 2012


blondetwinme 18 Apr 2015

I also have gained weight yet I am more active and eating less sweets. I will be talking to my Dr. about getting me off of it.

Inactive 6 Dec 2012

Everybody is different, and just because a medication review says that you might lose weight if you take it, other people might gain. You have to trust your own body. If you feel that you are gaining weight on this medication, then you need to talk to your doctor about trying a different anti epileptic med, and see if you stop gaining or start losing the weight that you gained. Many times these side effects are not added to the dossier for years after the med has been on the market. I was taking one med, and gained a ton of weight, which the doctors attributed to my overeating, but when I stopped the med after many years, I started dropping the weight off. NOW, even though that med was out for years prior, it is written as possible weight gain. You just never know how your individual body can react to a certain medication!! free discount card

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