hi all, I am a 25 year old female who recently was hosptalized for 3 weeks in the ICU for a large clot in my left leg, from my hip, down to the back of my knee. Which resulted in bi-lateral PE's. They ran a bunch of tests, i have no deformalitaties that would suggest a mutation or a rare blood disorder. I'm part of a clinical trial, but they still can't figure out WHY, or HOW this happend... My doctor recently told me that he would like to put in a STENT in my groin area, where the clot starts, to keep the blood flow on the up and up. I have been put on Coumadin since my release of the hospital, and with the combination of both the STENT & Coumadin, they explained to me that it iwll be very difficult, to have a child, if at all. I'm having a very difficult time handling this news. i'm 25 years old, and have always wanted a child of my own. I find myself getting angry and taking it out on my family, and just being miserable every day... If anyone knows of someone who has a similar condition please feel free to comment. any and all support or knowledge is appreciated. thank you in advance for all your help! :)