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What will help 24/7 ringing in both ears?

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masso 24 Nov 2013

Alprazolam (brand name: Xanax) can help you with your tinnitus, the downside is that it is a benzodiazepine and it is very addictive.

Consult your Dr. about this medication.

Take care,

Random Patient 25 Nov 2013

Do you know when/what caused this ringing to start? Examples like Loud Concert/club ( one night or multiple weeks exposure), regular work with loud noises, ear infections, changes in altitude where you ears "popped" from the pressure. A common cold and the lack of drainage or pressure equalization due to swelling of parts of the body. Hearing things other people don't (mental disorder option). You may also have hearing that is more sensitive and picks up on upper end frequencies, most people don't and a florescent lamp's ballast or dimmer maybe producing a sound wave that you hear and most can't. But being 24/7 that may rule environmental sources like light fixtures and electronics that output a high level frequency most humans can't hear.

Often the ringing in the ears called "Tinnitus" in some cases may be relieved by wearing ear plugs, despite the nerves(and many parts of the ear used in hearing) are located inside and where the ear plug shouldn't be blocking anything that is causing the issue. I'll admit its weird and illogical but works for some. Also be warned that the reduction in ambient environment noise may making the ringing seem worse without the extra noise to help mask it. Our ears and hearing are under consult assault every day from noise pollution.

Please use new ear plugs each time or clean the ear plugs you use. The reason being is that dirty ear plugs often lead to ear infections. Which when you think about the germs on your hand being transferred on to ear plugs makes sense. Because when you roll and squeeze them up, then place them in this nice warm, dark and moist environment of your ear canal, that is a nice breeding ground for the "nasties" to set up home. That is why they say ear plugs are for single use.

If this ringing is constant, please get your hearing checked. This is one of the warning signs of hearing loss.

Lawn mowing is a punishing DB(decibel aka how sound is measured) level along with traffic. This loss happens slowly and you don't realize it until its too late. While it might not be fashionable wear ear plugs when clubbing and the big ugly muffs(that reduce sound even more) when doing yard work. You'll still be able to hear the music and people talking. Because to be heard, they have to be louder the sound system and/or mower) and the ear plugs will drop the overall level 20-30 DB which lessens the amount of damage done to your hearing. While singe events(loud noises like gun shots, cars back firing, fireworks, etc) can damage hearing in short exposure, often hearing damage is from a life time of assault on it.

Wikipedia has a decent article listing possible causes of "Tinnitus" aka the ringing in the ears. This can be caused by medicines even, so it is very hard to speculate what might help and your source of problem. I wish you the best of luck for care and treatment. free discount card

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