... been on it 9 weeks. I take the active pills back to back, skipping the inactive pills, so that I can not have any periods. Well, I started having brown discharge, like after period discharge week 6. Then week 7 It got heavier and a little more blood like so I had to start wearing panty liners. At week 8 I have a normal period for me except a lot less painful and it won't stop. I've pretty much been bleeding for 23 days. Will this ever stop??? Things were going so well and I don't want to switch to an all new birth control and adjust again and I definately don't want ever have a period again. I stayed with the ortho cylene line becaus it helps with my acne. I'm 32 years old. HELP! At least someone tell me this could be normal and once it stops I might get the results I'm looking for. I had been on ortho tri cyclene for 15 years and did great until after I had a child. Once my daughter turned two and a half the periods starting feeling like labor but the bleeding was very light. I was taking 30 advil a day for at least 2-3 days