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How does 20mil opana compare to 30 mil percocet for pain relief?

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kaismama 25 Oct 2014

These are pills and the quantity cannot by measured in mls. It is mgs
Plans is stronger then30 mg of percocet is a high dose. Opana is stronger than

harleyhoney2130 26 Oct 2014

Opana is stronger

balbanese 26 Oct 2014

They do not, far too different and what is the basis of the question please?

CoolMommaDuck 26 Oct 2014

30 mg oxycodone (Percocet) is 45 mg MED (morphine equivalent dose age)
20 mg oxymorphone (Opana) is 60 mg MED
Different meds work differently on different people, also if you've developed a tolerance to one opiate sometimes another opiate at a lower dose might feel stronger because of cross tolerance.
I have found using MED is very helpful and fairly accurate in comparing opiates. free discount card

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