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Are the 20mg oxycodone pills that say N P 14 instant Release?

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HeadStarter 14 Jul 2013

Hello vishnu - if they are not "IR" and they don't say that on the bottle... then you do not have immediate release type.


Do you have concerns here???

vishnu480 14 Jul 2013

i dont have the bottle.

chrisk57 8 Aug 2013

Your answer is false HeadStarter. Do your research, I am a pharmacist also if the product is Controlled release it will say so on the bottle and in your info packet from your pharmacy. Otherwise the medication is regular release.

arcanoidcyst16 19 Jul 2013

I am pretty sure they are instant release but just call your pharmacist they can tell you for certain.

chrisk57 8 Aug 2013

YES they are 20mg Oxycodone HCL immediate release they have the imprint NP on the front and 14 on the back and are gray in color. They are manufactured by Zydus Pharmaceuticals and distributed by Nesher Pharmaceuticals.

mhicks41 15 May 2014

I'm having really bad back pain, so will I get relief ASAP or have to wait because it might be timed released??

Shirleyraddatz 19 Dec 2016

Yes, those oxycodone are instant release. free discount card

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