I have fibermyalga all over, Pinch nerves on both the inside and outside of my ankles, and neuropathy in the lower part of my legs, mostly my calves, to top it off I have plantar fasyitetis on the bottom of both feet, I take 600mg a day of lyrica only, what about the neuropathy and plantar fasyitetis in the bottoms of my feet? I hurt so bad I can't walkat night or mainly in the mornings, it's terrible I'm 28 and walk and feel like I'm 75-80 year old women, I have two young children that have me on my feet constantly (something that Absolutely Can Not Be Neglected, ignored or pushed to the side when it comes to a child's wants and needs) and at night can't sleep because the neuropathy hurts me so bad, doctors say in both knees I have fibermyalga and neuropathy, plus the surgery's probably make it worse, the fibermyalga is pretty well taken care of with taking 200mg lyrica 3 times a day, which totals 600mg of Lyrica every day,what should I ask my doctor? I also take 1mg Mirapex at night for RLS which controls that. I rub Voltaren gel on the bottom of my feet and where the neuropathy hurts and lyrica doesn't help, what should I suggest to my pain management doctor, he listens very well to me and helps to suggest different options before having to go to the extreme, not sure of the right questions. Should I ask to be put on a small dosage of Gabapentin along with my lyrica for the neuropathy, to at least calm it some, and what shall I suggest bout the Planter Fasyitetis on the bottoms of both feet, I think that may be one of the top 4 Worst Pains I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE INCLUDING NATURAL CHILD BIRTH because the many Epidurals did not take full effect leaving me to feel ALL OF EVERYTHING! Please, Please Help Me with the Right Questions Or Some Suggestions that may help my Pain Doctor better manage everything instead of just my RLS and Fibermyalga??? I Refuse to let all these combine into one and take over my life, I can beat this and be more active with Just A Little More Help From A Professional!!!

Thanks... female diagnosed at 24 1/2 and going to be 30 at the end of 2016. ID LOVE TO FEEL AND DO THINGS FOR A SOME WHAT NORMAL 30 YEAR OLD, PLEASE HELP... #LOST&-N-CONFUSION.