Hello, I was born prematurely because I had a blockage between my stomach and bowel, then a week later I had a double hernia where my ovaries went through the Fallopian tubes. I grew up to one scar that's an inch above my belly button and is intentionally 6 in long. I'm 20 years old now and my whole life has been in pain. My stomach will hurt, ill feel nauseated, my head hurts and I either get very cold or very warm. When I walk there's a pulling feeling directly under my scar and in my back it hurts to couch too hard or even lift things. Where the scar is there certain points along it that feel pinched together and almost a pins and needle type of sensation. My bowl movements are either consipated or diarrhea and are very painful. Its not uncommon that I have blood in it or on the used toilet paper. I don't know what to do anymore. Doctors don't believe me. All I have is a scar to prove to them.. my parents were told I would grow up fine and never took me seriously as a child when I complained my stomach hurting. About two months ago, I had a lump inside my belly button within a week my belly button was bleeding. I went to two hospitals and had two ct scans done to be told it was only an infection. I went to a regular dr and he pulled up my blood work from the er and Said my white blood cells did not detect an infection. Ever since that day my button been sore and is painfull. Someone please give me advice.