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My 20 month old toddler has lost about 5 pounds since summer started, is this normal?

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Anonymous 22 Aug 2012


I suggest you take him / her to the Pediatritian for a check up. Better safe than sorry.

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Anonymous 25 Aug 2012

Unless your toddler is grossly overweight, and you have them on a weight loss diet, then the answer is NO, unequivocally NO. GET YOU TODDLER TO A DOCTOR ASAP!!! I don't mean to scare you, but your baby is at the greatest growth phase of their life, and this is when their brain is developing, along with growth. Perhaps it is merely a matter of being a picky eater, or that they are having so much fun being a toddler, that they forget to eat, but regardless get to a pediatrician to find out the problem, and a solution.

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