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I am 20 and on Humira for Crohns, when I go into remission, can this be treated holistically?

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Marvell 26 Sep 2013

I wouldn't be too hopeful. Usually even when you go on remission you may need maintenance medicines (actual medicines) to keep it in remission. But you can discuss it with your doctor... you could use other treatments with the maintenance medicine, but I don't think totally going off the maintenance medicines will keep you in remission for long.

Inactive 27 Sep 2013

I agree with Marvell - I have Crohns Disease now for 28+ yrs. Remissions have been few and very far in between. Personally, I know my body enough after dealing with this disease, and others, that It is vital to remain on maintenance meds. I don't even count on Humira for remission, but a reduction in symptoms. However, if Humira easily puts you in remission, and you BELIEVE in holistic healing, trying both for a while, then slowly tapering maintenance meds and see what happens. It may work for you. Just be ready to go back on meds before it gets too bad, as is it harder to deal with then. Good luck to you, and should you try this alternative way, keep us posted as to your progress. We all can respond differently, but, if it works for you, it is possible it can work for others. Best of luck...

georgejohn 12 Mar 2017

I'm 65 had Crohn's sinceI was 18 an had 2 surgery's and lot of doctor's and hospitial stays. And i agree with reply's, try your holistic remendy,but also use Humira spread your injection longer apart( with your dr ok). Not sure your doctor has warned you about stopping Humira, NEVER STOP taking Humira, your body immune system will build aniti bodies to Humira and it will not work again. free discount card

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