After coming home two years ago diagnosed with cirrhosis from Hep C I'm still here. I have been on two different treatments for HepC with no results, they say to check back in July my insurance may pay for it then. Meanwhile, I go have the endoscopies done to band off varicies. I am curious to know what to expect. What are the stages to look for? I have a beautiful, soon to be 14 year old son I hang on for and worry about. He is so patient, so compassionate, so brave. Everyday I always think of what a short life at the age of 50. I'm scared, angry, and fight depression and deal with the pain. I try to keep positive, but I am not even close to feeling that way. I feel cheated. Then the "poor me" syndrome kicks in. I really would love to take my son to go whale watching. A really nice memorable trip. Something for him to hold on to. But I am unable to work right now due to inconsistent days and my memory isn't so great all the time. So it could be awhile. Sad to think of dying instead of living. I am so blessed and have every reason to an "am grateful".
Anyone any thoughts, suggestions, advise? I'm open... and listening.
Thank you