I got the contraceptive implant (I’m not sure which type) in March 2016 because due to medical conditions I couldn’t go on the pill - I suffer from migraines and my doctor advised this was the best method.

For the first few months I experienced consistent periods which my doctor advised would likely be the case. After about three months - nothing. It’s now been almost a hear and say, 8 months on and I’ve still not had any sort of cramping or bleeding.

A few weeks ago, my arm started to hurt where my implant was inserted. Almost like a throbbing pain, the best way to describe it is leaving a hair tie on your wrist for too long. I thought nothing of it because I’d have probably of bumped it and after a day it went away. But the pain keeps coming back, it’s not constant but when it does happen it’s for the full day and it’s really discomforting. On top of that, I recently (Sunday so 2 days ago) noticed that there was a dark brown bleed or discharge on my underwear. It’s not enough to use a tampon or a heavy pad, probably a liner at the best but it’s quite thick and clumpy which worries me a little bit because my arm is sore as well and I’ve now been experiencing cramps.

There’s a small risk that I could be pregnant because my partner and I do try to be as careful as we can but I do often think there’s a possibility. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and know if it’s normal - I’m going to the doctors tomorrow anyways to have it checked out