For two years now my appetite has gone away completely on and off to the point where I'm very frustrated and want to eat so bad, but I'm either not hungry, get nauseous, or feel very full with just a small bite. At first the gastroenterologist/ GI said I have backed up stool in my colon so she prescribed me Polyethylene Glycol to drink with water daily and to use laxatives when needed. But I still get constipated once in a while and my appetite goes away again. My weight continues to fluctuate at an unhealthy rate due to the little food I eat and I get very skinny and weak. I feel unwell everyday either by nausea from eating, gas/bloating, major cramps (not very often), and very tired. In a few days I'm going to see Adolescent Medicine because the GI said she thinks I may have some type of eating disorder (ex. Restrictive eating due to anxiety of some sort. I am not interested at all in losing weight) I haven't been able eat as much as I used to for the past 2 years and get nervous or overwhelmed quite easily to the point of tears if someone is trying to make me eat something my body doesn't want at the moment, or if I'm out at a restaurant or anywhere else other than my own home because of the nausea that follows afterwards. This whole thing is preventing me from participating in sports or any extra curricular activity at school because I always feel sick and stay home a lot. Doctors are all still trying to put these symptoms together to come up with a conclusion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.