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What should I use on a 2 year old that has a rash from the sun and is dried out and itchy?

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suzanne66 25 Jun 2012

Is it a burn or a heat rash? They will need to be treated differently.
The skin of a 2 year old is very sensitive so if you are unsure you should seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.
If it mild sunburn a soothing and moisturizing cream may be applied to relieve discomfort. If it is a more severe burn and, or the skin has blistered a cool flannel may help the pain. Ibuprofen may also help. I would tend towards seeing your doctor or pharmacist if the skin has blistered - because of age.
If it is heat rash keep the child cool and in loose clothes. A soothing, cooling cream may also be of benefit. See you pharmacist for more advice.

skyelilli 25 Jun 2012

its not blisters but i took him swimming and he broke out in bumbs all over and he has a lil burn on his shoulders but this is all over him

endlessPred 25 Jun 2012

I agree. And be sure to keep the child well hydrated. Lots of water, no sugar drinks. If this is a heat rash, heat stroke could follow. Either way keep the child out of the sun for the next few days. The sun is going to hurt like crazy. Remember: sunscreen every two hours. Water drunk frequently. No sugary drinks as they make the child even more thirsty. Time for coloring books in the shade.

If a fever tonight, you need to see a doctor right away.

skyelilli 25 Jun 2012

he just started throwing up but no fever and hes not dehydrated he is not allowed to drink anything with sugar in it anyways he gets way to hyper i am just worried he may have caught something from the other children being in the pool since it is an water park we went to.

endlessPred 25 Jun 2012

Vomiting is a sign of heat stoke. I suggest you go to the ER ASAP. The blisters, rash, vomiting are serious. Have you checked his temp? cool cloths help as you take him in.

This is not a time to second guess. Please go now. Your child is precious. free discount card

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