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Can it take 2 weeks to get xanex completely out of your system?

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balbanese 13 Jan 2015

Yes, longer depending on a number of factors, health, other meds, alcohol, fat stores, etc.

pamee 14 Jan 2015

It can take 6 weeks or more.

Lisalisa67 18 Jan 2015

Fir the actual drug itself it works off the half life. Take the half life and multiply it by 5.5 thats how many many hours it stays inside your body. All drugs work off the 5.5 x half life. Divide the hrs by 24. Thats how many days. Use the highest half life it tells you it has cause thats the worst scenario unless you have heavy medical issues with your liver or kidneys. The problem here might be how long does withdrawal last which is what i think the 6wks or more probably prefers to.

pamee 19 Jan 2015

The 6 weeks or more is, because xanax stores in the fat which takes quite sometime to leave. Otherwise what you're saying about the half life with most medications , not all, but most is correct about the half life that you speak of.. free discount card

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