I have a degenerative spine disease which has become quite bad over the years. Until I get to a spine surgeon in mid-November, I have moderate to severe pain to deal with, and the severe pain sends me into hypertensive crisis - I have been a controlled hypertensive starting in my 30s. It takes 2 doses of 2 ultracet until I get relief from severe pain (about 5-6 hours after first dose), so I was wondering if I could add aspirin to the ultracet - which I take X 4 daily - to speed up the pain relief. I was taking etoricoxib, an NSAID, for inflammatory pain relief, but all my doctors told me to stop. I take several different types of antihypertensive meds also, including amlodipine, and Lyrica for neuropathic pain/fibromyalgia (outcome of previous cervical spine surgery). I am most likely to have lumbar spine surgery in November or December, but I would like to have a few more hours a day that I can function. I am ONLY asking if I can add aspirin to 2 ultracet (each one 37.5 mg. tramadol/325 mg paracetamol) and how much aspirin X 4 daily, since my daily scheduled regimen of medications is becoming obstructive to quality of life. I would be very grateful for a professional response.