2 surgeries later, Physical therapy, chiropractic treatment etc... etc... and still my back is not fixed why is this? I had a fusion surgery years ago and another one recently at one point I was practically crippled and could barely walk. I'm going for another MRI I lost count how many of them I have had. and been on pain killers for years, what is my next step now that I am addicted to these pain killers and wonder if I will die in my sleep. It is crazy this revolving door. I often wonder if some or most of the pain could be caused by not taking the pain medication, it does not feel like it is, I actually feel the pain specific to my spine. I have been on them so long I really fear not taking them thinking I will have a heart attack or stroke since I am on high blood pressure med, and am on blood thinner, and cholesterol pills and sleeping pills. and the points of depression in and out sometimes are bad. I didn't have the sleeping pill one night and took sleep-eez and felt like I was having a stroke or something it was the worst feeling I ever had and it was only one night. am I at the end of the trail and probably need to check into a rehab. I did that once but the people in there were violent and I could not even take it one night I left the next day. is there any hope at this stage???