... results,heart is OK. started having problems with burning down the middle of my chest and had a scope done and was neg, I am on many meds and am wondering if there could be some reactions that is causing the burning or if i could be allergic to the stents, i have burning most of the day then later on it starts getting worse and start having tingling on diff. parts of body, also itching and tired most of the time,My meds are Amiodarone 50mg,,, aspirin 81mg,benica 40 mg,atenolol 12.5mg,metformin 1000.. mg., nightly meds are plavix 75mg, amiodarone 50mg. pravastatin 40mg.,metformin 1000mg. herbal supp, are calcium +D 600,fish oil 2000mg,vit.d 1000mg, CoQ10-1 cap daily