I took Wednesday's and thrusdays pill the same day(active). And Thursday I took Friday (active) . Friday I took Saturdays (active). Saturday I took sunday, sunday i took sunday, Monday, Tuesday didn't take pills (inactive) and wednesday I started Wednesday (inactive) and period started that same Wednesday and I've took my pills right since then. In January on the 8th I took antibiotics and i know that messed with my pills. I'm just wondering if messing up my pills could have caused any damage. I'm afraid I might be pregnant, me and my husband had unprotected sex on March 11. My stomach feels like I've done sit ups an I don't exercise. I've been cramping and my breast feels kinda sore and I've a lot of white/clear discharge. I also have OCD with obessive thinking and it's causing anxiety attack which I have also. My period not suppose to start till March 26. The cramping I've threw off in my kidney/bladder problems that I had back in Janurary that hasn't been resolved. Please help me!