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2 scripts promethanzine dm and zyrtec, should a 6 year old take those together?

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kaismama 25 Mar 2014

Yes. The dr would not have ordered it if he didn't want that.

MrMiagisPredecessor 4 Apr 2014

Is this a serious answer? I hope not...

gregory carmichael 4 Apr 2014

Your knowledge is unprofessional and your ethics are lacking as well... If your not a doctor you should be commenting on this. We are trying to help patients not give them nonsense answers!

kaismama 4 Apr 2014

That is hardly a nonsense answer, its the truth.

MrMiagisPredecessor 4 Apr 2014

Indeed it is safe at low doses for children of the age of six. Just remain careful because Promethazine IS a strong substance for a child of this age to intake for any period of time. Still there is nothing wrong with the combination of those medications. free discount card

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