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I only get 2 hours a sleep a week its been going on for 10 years now can u help?

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Delila 27 Dec 2015

Is your doctor aware of this? I can't understand why you wouldn't have been offered some help by now!? I can recommend one medication from personal experience; Amitriptyline. It is actually a tricyclic antidepressant, but is used off label for pain relief, to aid sleep and other reasons. The reason i suggest this one is because it can be used safely for years, it isn't just a short term fix. I was prescribed it initially when i injured my back, it helped relieve the pain at night and help me sleep. As my back pain improved, i continued taking it (at a higher dose) to treat my insomnia. At 50mg per evening it helped me for several years. Something to discuss with your doctor maybe? free discount card

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