stents one still working one closed up a week after went in and its in a minor artery. I have suffered from ED for years even before heart trouble. I have took Viagra and other same type medicines and found it expensive. Then I found something called vitalikor; that seemed to work great over last two years ... well the fda made them do a recall and change the ingredients the way I understand and the new product no longer works. I can not afford Viagra because insurance does not cover it and I purchased zyrexin over counter is it safe for me to take as it reads... I take Levothyroxine for thyroid and heartburn medicine , also a aspirin for heart, and had high cholesterol but naturally brought that down to close to 100... also take a blood pressure pill for heart my blood pressure is okay without it. I take thyroid pill 7a.m. everyday other medicines around six p.m. any help would be appreciated.