Took a Plan B march 27 bleed for 4 days (April 1st) took another one 2nd and bleed on the 7th for two days took one on the 15th because of a broken condom not sure if she was ovulation
My girlfriend had took a plan b April 2nd bleed on April 7th till the 9th does that mean her cycle restarted ? And I also had sex with her today April 15th and the condom split and I'm not sure if she was on ovulation and I peed before we did anything and she took another Plan B so if it was during her ovulation could it still would (her last cycle was 25 days because of the first Plan B) so does that mean her cycle will be 25 days again ?

I'm freaking out because I'm praying to God I'm not a father I just want to know if that 2 day bleeding restarts her cycle and if her next cycle will be 25 days like the last one and if the Plan B will work during ovulation if taken 40 minutes after the condom spot