I take (180) 10mil a month of narco/hydrocodone, along with
(30) 15mil roxicodone a month. So that right there is 2,300m. And that's not even including the at least 500mil more a month that i use just to get to that date at the end of the month that we all wait pretty much for all month! And it's been at this level since 2008. So i was wondering what goes on in my insides when i start withdrawing? I know it feels like my bone's are trying to crawl out of my body!! I mean it wakes me up & finally after trying to wait for a.m to take my few i have, i just give in & chew it up!
And maybe 35 mins later i can sleep. So i have something else i was wondering, if i should worry that taking all the pills i take will kill me with kidney or liver failure? But i'm also not the average person. I've also done things in my past & maybe not to long of one for that matter. I was mostly into meth (interv) for at least 17-18 years straight. And we won't even talk about all the jack & coke's i used to have.So should worry about my kidney's. When i'm feeling bad & don't have many it will start feeling like someone's pushing with both of their fist's into my lower back area! Along with everything else hurting,what else help beside lots of pot? THANXS, ALEX