It flares on and off and I have been treated with anti-fungal,bactrium,VitA/D,Hydrocortisone and just about anything else that you can put on your lips and mouth. I do smoke maybe 10-15 cigs some days. I take vits and antioxidents vits and herbals and I have a health diet and recently had started walking after 2 major surgeries, cervical fusion and a R total knee replacement,both have healed very well. I'm 53 and peri-menpausal. I have worked as a nurse and been in Healthcare for the last 30 yrs. I'm sober and have postive family and friends in my life. I thought it might be stress related because of life changing events the last 3 yrs. I have deep sprirtutal roots and I have been to numberous MD's and NP who haven't been able to cure or offer any other dx. What to do and find a cure? I'm otherwise in good health and look younger than my stated age. Thanks, In Minneapolis,MN.