Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex during her 7th day of cycle, 2 days after her last period. (5 days menstraution) we had round 2 after we had sex but before we start, i peed, i peed VERY VERY LITTLE. Now, i am worried about pre cum, that it might contain sperm because i just peed very little. I used the pull out method the whole time and im prettey sure i ejaculated outside. My girlfriend is irregular. Yesterday, 9th day pf her cycle, we checked her mucus and she had egg-white-like dischare. That means shes ovulating. I am so paranoid. She only took 5 pills of nordette as ecp, yes 5 pills at the same time and did not take the 2nd dose because only 5 pills were left. Are we safe? Please help us. Please